Live Animals

Story Book Park features an array of various animals including among others:


Deer-Seka:  These deer range through the Americas, Europe, Asia and North Africa.  Deer species range in size some of which may reach a shoulder height of 2.35 m.  The Seka are much smaller having only a shoulder height of about 0.75 m.  Deer have compact bodies with long, powerful legs designed for rugged woodland terrain.  They are also very good swimmers.  They are able to eat and enjoy all sorts of vegetation.


Macaque Monkey:  Also known as the snow monkey.  He manages to survive the winter cold on the Japanese island of Honshu, making him the only non-human primate to survive that far north.  The fingers and toes of a monkey are very flexible.  This makes climbing very easy.  Monkeys are among the most social of all the mammals.  In order to survive in the wild, they depend more on their intelligence instead of weaponry.


Llama:  These animals have lived in the Andes Mountains for many centuries.  In the United States, llamas are raised as pets and for their wool.  The surefooted animals can carry as much as 91 kg for 12 hours a day, but are never ridden like a horse.